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Stephanie Harrison

Archie's Adventures with the Flying Fluppertyupperties!

Archie's Adventures with the Flying Fluppertyupperties!

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Archie and Berrybug are BACK in a brand NEW inspirational adventure of social-emotional learning!

Archie the dog and his friend Berrybug are whizzing off to see the planets on a flying Fluppertyupperty. But when they get there, it’s not at all what they were expecting…                                                                                                               When a golden thread suddenly appears between the planets, their curiosity is ignited, and they decide to follow it. It leads them to a wonderfully strange, magical world filled with Tiggerlywiggerlies and Bibberlybobberlies, where nothing is as it seems. The friends must work together to make decisions and find their way through some fun challenges.

At first, they’re keen to dive straight in without giving it a thought, but by working together, they soon learn that perhaps there’s a better way. They just need to STOP and THINK first.

The story is beautifully illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills.

Children will enjoy spotting and counting the slug-like creatures hidden throughout the book! How many can you find?

 Archie’s Adventures books are great for conversations about…

  • Stopping and thinking before making choices
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Trying new things and embracing change
  • Making good choices
  • Considering others’ points of view and being open-minded
  • Friendship and understanding what makes a good friend
  • Managing and sharing your feelings and ideas
  • Emotions
  • Clear communication
  • Growth mindset
  • Social-emotional learning

This book would make an excellent gift for any little bookworm. It’s brilliant for reading aloud in the classroom and for snuggly bedtime stories. 


A brilliantly bonkers tale about Archie and Berrybug’s adventures - all carefully wrapped up with an important message about considering your actions before making choices.                                                                                                  Children’s author, Kirstie Watson

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