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Stephanie Harrison

Archie’s Adventures in a Yumscrubbilydumptious World!

Archie’s Adventures in a Yumscrubbilydumptious World!

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We are all different and that’s what makes us all incredible!”

 A wonderfully FUN children’s picture book about how we all experience the world in our own unique way!

When Archie the dog tumbles through a magical hole and meets a new friend, Berrybug, he discovers a world filled with exciting new experiences. From floating on the fluffiest clouds and travelling through a rainbow waterfall, to devouring some yumscrubbilydumptious treats, it’s set to be the adventure of a lifetime! There’s just one problem. Archie and Berrybug can’t agree on what they enjoyed most… it’s almost as if they had completely different experiences.If only they could find a way to understand one another… or can they?

The story is spectacularly brought to life with the beautiful, whimsical illustrations by Sarah-Leigh Wills.

Children will LOVE spotting and counting the slug-like creatures hidden throughout the book!

 Archie’s Adventure books are great for conversations about…

  • Understanding we all have different experiences and world views
  • Considering others’ points of view and being open-minded
  • Self-acceptance and building self-confidence
  • Friendship and understanding what makes a good friend
  • Managing and discussing your feelings
  • Clear communication
  • Trying new things and embracing change
  • Emotions
  • Growth mindset
  • Social-emotional learning

 This book is great for reading aloud in the classroom and for snuggly bedtime stories.   

Adorable Archie leads us on an exciting adventure to help us learn a little more about ourselves! Adults and children alike will enjoy!                                     Children’s author, Kirstie Watson

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